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Throughout history, Bayern and Lyon, the two teams from the Bundesliga and French Ligue 1, have played against each other 8 times in Europe. Bayern has an advantage with 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses in terms of record. However, the historical confrontation between the two sides is not long, and the first collision has entered this century. It was the 2000-01 season, Lyon has not yet started the seven consecutive Ligue 1 titles, and Bayern has long become a European giant. In the UEFA Champions League group stage that season, Lyon lost 0-1 away, but after returning to the home court, they simply returned to Bayern with a 3-0 attack. Two goals were scored by Govu.

在整个历史上,来自德甲和法国联赛1支球队的拜仁和里昂两队在欧洲进行了8次交手。拜仁的战绩为4胜2平2负。但是,两国之间的历史对抗并不长,本世纪已经发生了第一次碰撞。那是2000-01赛季,里昂尚未开始连续七次夺冠,而拜仁早已成为欧洲巨人。在那个赛季的欧洲冠军联赛小组赛阶段,里昂输掉了0-1,但回到主场之后,他们仅仅以3-0的进攻就回到了拜仁。 Govu攻入了两个进球。

After the first UEFA Champions League matchup, Bayern successfully won the UEFA Champions League this season, and Lyon also started the Ligue 1 seven consecutive championships in the second year. During the 2003-04 season, the two teams were again assigned to the same group in the Champions League. In the first leg at the Gerland Stadium in Lyon, the two teams shook hands 1-1. Coming to the away game, Lyon won 2-1. The two goalscorers were free kick master Juninho, and former Bayern striker Elber. In the end, the two teams joined hands in the group to qualify, Lyon eventually fell into the quarterfinals, and Bayern was eliminated by Real Madrid in the 1/8 finals, which led to coach Heathfield's departure at the end of the season.


Later in the 2008-09 season, the two teams were very "lucky" to be assigned to the same group again in the Champions League. In the first leg, Lyon drew 1-1 with Bayern again. In the final round of the group stage, Lyon had reservations when the two sides were determined to qualify together. As a result, Bayern won 3-2 away. Klose scored twice and Benzema and Govu recovered 2 goals. In the end, although the two teams advanced to the top 16, they were successively eliminated by the powerful Barcelona during the "Dream III" period.


Only one year later, in the 2009-10 season, the two teams unexpectedly met again in the Champions League semi-finals. This was the first time the two teams faced off in the knockout rounds, but they completely sparked in the two rounds. In the first round at the Allianz Arena, Ribery kicked Lisandro in the frontcourt in 37 minutes of the first half. The Italian referee Rossetti directly showed him a red card and sent him off. In the second half, Turalan played The pig was kicked down and was also sent off for accumulating 2 yellow cards. Afterwards, Robben stood up in the 69th minute of the game. His left-footed arc from 25 yards hit Muller's head and flew into the gate, which made Lyon goalkeeper Lori too late to save.


With a score of 1-0 in the first leg, Bayern once again set foot on Lyon's Gerland Stadium a week later. This time, Olic completely took over the game-the Croatian striker used a wonderful "hat trick" to help Bayern beat Lyon 3-0 in the second round and enter the final. It is a pity that Ribery missed the game due to an additional suspension. Bayern eventually lost the championship with a 0-2 defeat to Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League final that season.


It should be pointed out that in recent years, "French Football" has also reviewed the history of Lyon's battle against the Bundesliga team, which proves that this French team is never afraid of the German team. Among them, in the 2004-05 season, Lyon eliminated the then Bundesliga "double champion" Bremen 10-2 in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. The score of 7-2 in the second round was the biggest score of the Bremen team in the Champions League. Lose. In the 2007-08 season, Lyon doubled the Bundesliga champion Stuttgart in the Champions League group stage. In addition, last season, Lyon tied with Hoffenheim in the UEFA Champions League group stage, and finally beat the Huo Cun group to qualify.


During this period, despite the impact of the new crown epidemic, since the Bundesliga took the lead in the rematch, the triumphant Bayern still won the Bundesliga and the German Cup this season with a winning streak. At the same time, Bayern has also played well in the UEFA Champions League. It has won 9 games in the group stage so far, including classic battles with big wins over Barcelona, ​​Chelsea and Tottenham, thus successfully entering the quarter-finals of the Champions League this season.


Among them, the one that attracted the most attention was naturally that Bayern beat Barcelona 8-2 in the quarter-finals. The focus of the match that originally looked like Mars hit the earth turned out to be one-sided. The final result not only caused Barcelona coach Setien to dismiss it. Bayern also created a series of records. For example, 8-2 broke the biggest score in a single game in the Champions League knockout. Bayern also became the first team in history to score 8 goals in a single game in the Champions League knockout. In addition, the team also created The fastest record of 4 goals in the Champions League knockout round.


At present, Bayern has scored 39 goals in the Champions League this season, breaking the previous single-season record, showing that Bayern is in excellent condition. However, as analyzed in the previous article, Bayern has always been regarded as a "flower in the greenhouse" for many years, causing the team to play classics in the Champions League and often make mistakes (such as losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals two years ago). Therefore, Bayern has continued to shine in the Champions League this season, but the team's biggest enemy is always itself. After all, under the new system of single game decider, any mistakes may lead to unbearable serious consequences.


In fact, compared with Bayern's Champions League record this season, Lyon, who was not optimistic before, also handed in a proud answer. In the group stage, Lyon beat Benfica and Zenit with a record of 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. At the same time, even facing the top team in the same group, RB Leipzig, Lyon has achieved an unbeaten record of 1 win and 1 tie in two games (4 goals in 2 games), which proves that the team is really good at playing against Germany. team.

实际上,与本赛季拜仁的冠军联赛记录相比,以前并不乐观的里昂也做出了自豪的回答。在小组赛阶段,里昂以2胜2平2负的战绩击败本菲卡和泽尼特。同时,即使面对同一小组的顶级球队RB Leipzig,里昂也取得了两场比赛1胜1平的不败战绩(2场比赛有4个进球),这证明了球队确实很擅长对抗德国。球队。

After entering the knockout round, Lyon's "dark horse" character was thoroughly revealed. In the 1/8 final against Serie A champion Juventus, Lyon first won 1-0 at home; after the Champions League rematch, Lyon scored an away goal and finally advanced with away goals. If the outside world still believed that the referee factor had an impact, then Lyon's subsequent elimination of Manchester City 3-1 would shut up all doubts. In this game, the high fighting spirit and sharp counterattack demonstrated by the entire Lyon team were impressive, and proved that this "dark horse" team is by no means idle.


However, after winning Barcelona by a big score, the outside world is most worried about underestimating the enemy and arrogant thinking not to affect the team, and this is often the fatal factor for popular teams to be upset, such as Manchester City before it was a bitter lesson. In this regard, Bayern coach Flick said at a press conference before the game, “We played Barcelona with the goal of victory. The result is of course surprising. This is part of the game. Of course, after the game with Barcelona. , The fans are very excited, but tomorrow will be a completely different game, facing different opponents."

但是,在大获全胜之后,外界最担心的是低估敌人和傲慢的思想,以不影响球队,这通常是导致受欢迎的球队如曼彻斯特城之前倒闭的致命因素。一个痛苦的教训。在这方面,拜仁主教练弗里克在赛前的新闻发布会上说:“我们以取得胜利的目标打巴塞罗那。结果当然令人惊讶。这是游戏的一部分。当然,在与巴塞罗那比赛之后。 ,球迷们非常兴奋,但是明天将是一场完全不同的比赛,面对不同的对手。”

At the same time, Frick also knows that at the level of the Champions League semi-finals, there is no easy game: "This is the first time I have led a team in the Champions League semi-finals. This is of course very special. There is only one step left to the final. Knowing this (game) is not easy." Next, how to make his disciples forget the previous big score victory is undoubtedly an important task that Frick must complete outside the tactical design of this game.


In contrast, in the face of this menacing Bayern, Lyon is now responding with calmness. After all, for Lyon, the Champions League semi-final record belongs to the over-fulfillment of the task, and there is no pressure in the next game. This will naturally help the team to show the strongest strength in the last battle, even in the game against Bayern. Fight to the last second.


In this regard, goalkeeper Lopez easily said, "I am not worried about tomorrow's game at all. I am full of confidence in the team and we will speak on the court tomorrow." At the same time, coach Rudy Garcia also said at the pre-match press conference. "We must remain determined and motivated for the next game. The elimination of Juventus and Manchester City gave the team confidence and we need to prove that we can do great things. Bayern has incredible data, but you can't stop there. We are not A big mountain that needs to be climbed, but sometimes a small rock in your shoes can prevent you from climbing. We want to be that small rock."

在这方面,门将洛佩兹轻松地说:“我根本不担心明天的比赛。我对球队充满信心,我们明天将在球场上发言。”同时,主教练鲁迪·加西亚在赛前新闻发布会上也表示。 “我们必须为下一场比赛保持决心和动力。尤文图斯和曼城的淘汰给球队带来了信心,我们需要证明我们可以做得很好。拜仁拥有令人难以置信的数据,但你不能止步于此。我们是并不是需要攀登的大山,而是有时候鞋子上的小石头可以阻止您攀登。我们希望成为那块小石头。”

Looking back on his coaching career, Bayern had left Rudy Garcia unremembered. In the 2012-13 season, Bayern had a 6-1 away victory over Lille coached by Garcia in the UEFA Champions League group stage, where veteran Pizarro performed a "hat trick" within 15 minutes. In the 2014-15 season, Bayern beat Garcia's Roma 7-1 in the Champions League group stage...It can be said that the French coach is absolutely full of fighting spirit for this game. If Bayern can be eliminated in the semifinals, Garcia will complete the "perfect revenge."

回顾他的教练生涯,拜仁使鲁迪·加西亚(Rudy Garcia)记忆犹新。在2012-13赛季,拜仁在加里执教的欧洲冠军联赛小组赛中击败里尔,以6-1战胜对手,老将皮萨罗在15分钟内完成了一次“帽子戏法”。在2014-15赛季,拜仁在冠军联赛小组赛中击败加西亚的罗马7-1……可以说法国教练在这场比赛中绝对充满斗志。如果拜仁能在半决赛中被淘汰,加西亚将完成“完美的复仇”。

It is true that Bayern seems to be strong today, but the team's tactical system with the 4231 formation that focuses on flying with two wings and high position pressure has been fully formed, and even the starting lineup has no possibility of any adjustments. As a result, the team’s weaknesses and goals have been constantly exposed as the game accumulates, especially the open space behind the defense (right side defense) has been completely exposed and there is no effective solution. For example, Chelsea and Barcelona have scored the same goals before, all passed. The main attack Bayern defensively on the right side created a chance to score.


It can be seen that Bayern’s defense is not without problems, and even the problem is very prominent-in the past 9 official games, Bayern has conceded 7 games. The reason why Bayern won Barcelona in the last game cannot be ignored is that Barcelona’s own wrong tactics are like a self-rejecting net, except that the confident pass of the defense (including the goalkeeper) is continuously intercepted by Bayern, and the frontcourt has snowed Bayern’s feared Griezmann. Also let the team counterattack no speed advantage. Coming to this game, these lessons naturally benefited Lyon. More importantly, Bayern is now completely bright, while Lyon is full of variables and potential.


First look at the tactical level. Rudy Garcia has recently used a winning streak of 352 formation, which is very effective in broadening the defensive area and coping with Bayern's two-wing attack. Before that, Paris was helpless in the regular time of the French League Cup final. At the same time, unlike most teams who actively retreat in the face of strong opponents, Lyon's defense players dare to boldly grab and defend close, and even take foul tactics, which is to prevent opponents from gaining space on the court. The height of the defenders such as Antonio The advantage also ensures that the team is not afraid of confrontation in high-altitude defense and set ball defense.

首先看一下战术层面。鲁迪·加西亚(Rudy Garcia)最近使用了352队的连胜纪录,这对于扩大防守区域和应付拜仁的两翼进攻非常有效。在此之前,巴黎在法国联赛杯决赛的常规时间无奈。同时,与大多数在强势对手面前主动退缩的球队不同,里昂的防守球员敢于大胆地抓住并防守近身,甚至采取犯规战术,这是为了防止对手在场上获得席位。像安东尼奥这样的后卫的身高。这一优势还确保了球队在高空防守和定球防守中不惧怕对抗。

Lyon is more distinctive in that its counterattack tactics are rich and varied and full of killer moves. Forwards Depay and Ecamby are typical. Nearly everyone in Lyon's midfielder has a super speed advantage and breakthrough ability. The most powerful thing is that Lyon players are always physically strong and high-spirited, and they are very sharp when they counterattack. For example, in the last game, the Lyon team ran 114.8 kilometers, 9 kilometers higher than Manchester City. This is definitely a fatal threat to Bayern, who also likes to press forward and expose the space behind them. You know, Manchester City was stifled by Lyon's sharp tactics a few days ago.


What cannot be ignored is that the lessons of Barcelona (and the lessons of Leipzig this morning) absolutely prevent Lyon from "cooperating" with Bayern's high position oppression. Facing the overall forward pressure of Bayern, Lyon will obviously deal with the ball through the concise and decisive backcourt to attack the empty space behind Bayern's defense, using diagonal and through plugs to create murder at the speed of the two forwards. Even if the success rate of this tactic is not high, it can form a deadly threat if it is beaten once. This makes Bayern coach Frick also quite jealous: "We know that Lyon is very defensive and their counterattack can cause damage to the opponent, so we must play the game from the first minute."


The last thing I want to introduce is that this Lyon seems to be invisible, but the team is actually full of quality players whose strength is much higher than their reputation. For example, Oyal, who averaged 2.7 fouls per game in the Champions League this season, has become a midfield supernova, having previously been praised by De Bruyne. Two defensive midfielders Guimarães and Cacre went on the field to complete 16 steals. In addition, there is also Moussa Dembele, the striker who will get an immediate effect on the bench. It can be seen that this Lyon is like Monaco and Ajax in previous seasons. Don't tolerate any contempt!

我要介绍的最后一件事是,里昂队似乎是看不见的,但球队实际上充满了实力雄厚的球员,其实力远高于其声誉。例如,本赛季欧冠平均每场犯规2.7次犯规的奥亚尔(Oyal)已成为中场超新星,此前曾受到德布鲁因(De Bruyne)的称赞。两名防守型中场球员吉马良斯和卡克雷上场完成16次抢断。此外,还有前锋穆萨·登贝莱(Moussa Dembele),他将立即在替补席上发挥作用。可以看出,里昂在以前的赛季就像摩纳哥和阿贾克斯一样。不要容忍任何轻蔑!

Whether it is the 2018 World Cup or the UEFA Champions League this season, more and more matches prove: In the ever-changing single knockout match, unless the strength is absolutely crushed, the ultimate speed of anti-counterfeiting is still a weapon to kill the blood. Prior to this, Lyon had demonstrated an attitude of fighting with all strength and bloody battles through actual combat with real swords and guns. The final result also proved that it was no accident that they reached the top four. Now facing a strong opponent Bayern, Garcia's team still has the opportunity to make this weapon sharp in a textbook way.


For Bayern, the opponents facing this time are actually more threatening and more suspenseful than Barcelona, ​​Chelsea and other teams. After its own system is gradually being studied by opponents, Lyon's sharp counterattack is making Bayern like a big enemy, and the law of "heating must die" also indicates that the team is in crisis in this semifinal. As Elber, who played for both teams, said: "If Bayern lose to Lyon, it will become the laughing stock of the world. They are under a lot of pressure, and Lyon has nothing to lose."